Thank you for your interest in our club

The “Granite City Hillwalkers” club is based in Aberdeen, is informal and has a good sociable and friendly atmosphere. It is also quite small, with approximately 20+ regular members, but is growing at a modest rate, and we always like to make new members very welcome. 

    • There is an emphasis on each individual taking a responsible attitude and contributing their ‘bit’ towards the club, to keep everything running smoothly.

    • A relatively good level of fitness is required for most of our planned walks. The best way to get fit for walking is… walking, so maybe aWednesday walk would be a good way to prepare for a Sunday walk and both are good preparation for a weekend meeting where the hill-walks can last well over 8 hours.

    • The activities that the members of this club take part in have an element of risk and all people involved with the club must familiarise themselves with what those risks involve and take appropriate action or training where necessary. There are many courses taking place in and around Aberdeen for mountain skills  training and other club members can give advice.

    • Appropriate kit must be worn or carried during all hill-walking activities. To find out more you could talk to other club members or get advice during an appropriate training course or from a reputable outdoor equipment shop. 

    • Membership is open to anyone and the joining fee is a modest £20/year. You will be issued with a membership card which covers you for 3rd party insurance when you are out with the club and entitles you to benefits, including discounts at most Aberdeen mountain equipment shops (or entry to discount evenings).

    • The membership fee also pays for the club membership to some very worthy organisations such as the Mountaineering Council of Scotlandand the North East Mountain Trust.

    • The best way to find out about what we do is to turn up and meet a few of the members on a Wednesday evening 9.30pm at the Globe Bar
    • Transport (car sharing) is also arranged at the Wednesday meetings. 
  • If you get to the Globe Bar and you can’t see us, just ask at the bar for the ‘Granite City Hill Walkers Club’ and they can point us out to you. And if you still aren’t sure who we are, then keep an eye out for the tell tale rucksacks or even more telling… Ordnance Survey maps spread across the beer soaked tables or balanced between the pints. 

  • I hope this answers any questions you may have, otherwise e-mail me at 

  • However which way you find us, we always look forward to meeting new prospective members and will certainly make you feel welcome.