Buying Walking Boots From Sports Direct

There is a myriad of brands of walking boots available for sale at sports direct. The brands have walking boots with distinct designs, colours and sizes. Sports Direct has 670 outlets across the globe and has been in operation for 36 years. The company, therefore, has the capacity to deliver the best quality walking boots available. Different people have different tastes when it comes to walking boots. The tasted and preferences are based mostly based on colour and design. Sport direct offers a wide variety of walking boots and almost has a boot for everyone. If you need to contact Sports Direct either to complain or enquire about service times or returns they have a dedicated customer service team. The brands sold online and in store include;


This brand has a wide variety of walking boots. The distinctions are based on the terrains on which they are best suited. The Karrimor boots are designed to ensure maximum comfort, support and protection as one handles rugged terrains. Both high leg and ankle level walking boots are available in distinct colours, designs and sizes. The prices range from £33 to £200 depending on the design and particulars of the boot.


This is another popular brand available on Sports Direct. The brands make both high leg and ankle level walking boots. There are boots of all sizes and a wide variety of colours to choose from. Gelert focuses more on small budget walking boots while still maintain good quality. The prices range from £22 to £35


The Merrell walking boots have moderate prices but with great quality and exquisite designs. The boots are designed to handle rough terrains and last long. This brand is best suited for mountain climbing. The prices in Sports direct range from £60 to £100.


The Hi-Tec brand features 2 designs in Sports direct. The boots are ankle level boots and have a price range of between £45 and £52.



The ONeill brand, also available on Sports Direct has antique designs and bright colours. The designs are quite unique and both high leg and ankle level boots are available. They are designed distinctly for different applications. The prices in sports direct range from £59 to £80 depending on the design.
Ellesse – This brand is also available in Sports direct but with one design. There is a variety of colours to choose from though. The prices range from £32 to £45 depending on the size of the boot.


The Garmont brand of walking boots is also available on sports direct with three distinct designs. The prices are also on the higher end as they range from £159 to £180

Garmont Boots


The Hanwag brand also features only three high leg distinct designs. The boots are designed to handle rough surfaces. The prices of the Hanwags range from £159 to £170.

La Sportiva

The La Sportiva brand features shoes on the higher side of the price range. The walking boots available in Sports direct of this brand are high leg boots. They feature bright colours and a unique design. The prices range from £140 to £215.

La Sportiva Boots

Sports Direct has an online store where all these brands of walking boots are available. There are more brands of walking boots available. The boot to buy depends on the taste and preference of the customer. They cut across distinct prices depending on the quality and brand one wishes to purchase. Sports Direct is the ultimate place to get the best walking boot for outdoor expeditions. There are walking boots for both men and women on Sports Direct. Different boot sizes are made available by sports direct as per careful research of the most common boot sizes in the area of a particular outlet and the average number of persons in each category of shoe sizes.