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2014 Programme of Weekend Meets

2014 Programme of Weekend Meets

2014 Feb 28 & 29 Dunkeld Meet, Organiser PJ, Jessie Mac’s

2014 March 21 & 22 TBA, Organiser AB

2014 April 11 & 12 Glenfinnan Meet, Organiser KA, Glenfinnan Sleeping Car

2014 May 16 & 17 Tyndrum, Orgsaniser, AS, By-the-Way Bunkhouse

2014 June 13 & 14 Elphin Meet, Organiser IW Naismith Hut

2014 July TBA, Fannich’s Meet, Organiser ER,

2014 August 8 & 9 Kinlochleven Meet, Organiser KM, Blackwater Hostel

2014 September TBA Organiser DR, Abdn Hol Wknd

2014 October TBA, Birthday Meet, Organiser AH,

2014 November TBA Organiser IM

2014 December 29, 30 & 31 & Jan 1 2015 Torridon Meet, Organiser BM
Mol Mor

Organisation, ideas and suggestions:

As with all walks with GCH, its up to its members to contribute to and organise walks.

  • A relatively good level of fitness is required for most of our planned walks and the best way to get fit for walking is… walking, so maybe aWednesday walk would be a good way to prepare for a Sunday walkand both are excelent preparation for a weekend meeting where the hill-walks can last well over 8 hours (e.g. the 5 Sisters of Kintail – now there’s a story!).

  • There is an emphasis on each individual taking a responsible attitude and contributing their ‘bit’ towards the club to keep everything running smoothly. This is especially true for the organised meets. Contibutions could include: 

    • Organising a club weekend, walk or entertainment.

    • Volunteering to drive to an organised meet and car sharing.

    • Contributing to the communal dinners (cooking, washing-up etc).

    • Becoming an elected member of the club. 

  • On Wednesday evenings we organise almost everything (sunday walks and scheduled/impromptu days/weekends away). 

  • The best way to find out what is happening is to turn up and meet a few of the members on a Wednesday evening (9.30pm) at Globe Bar

Travel arrangements:

  • We generally car share to minimise costs.

  • This also minimises the environmental impact of pollution and the potentially harmful effects of high numbers of cars in the hill car parks, parked on verges etc.

  • Car sharing is usually arranged at the Wednesday meetings.

Sunday walks:

  • Meeting points can vary, however they are always pre-arranged. The usual meeting points are the Riverside Drive Car Park in the Duthie Park, at the statue in Golden Square or other convenient points on route. Times are arranged by email, at the Wednesday pub meets or by phone.

  • Usually meet at 8am during the short days of the winter months and at 8.30am or 9am during the longer summer days. This means we can make the most of the day.

  • Occasionally it is useful to travel up on the Saturday evening and stay at a hostel in order to get on the mountain nice and early on the Sunday. Its also a good chance to get a beer or two in far out places.

Saturday walks:

  • On occasion (at least once a year) there will be an organised Saturday walk. They do happen and are often very popular.